Jeva Beauty- AloeVera Gel with Saffron Extract

There are some of the products which are meant for a particular special purpose. However, many of the products have dynamic uses and their usage is completely dependent upon what our concern is and what kind of results do we expect to have.

Such is a product which I am talking here about, and that is “AloeVera Gel” by Jeva Beauty, having goodness of Saffron Extract. So, lets have a look into the product-


Applications before Review-

  • Applied for dynamic purposes (around 20 times), before writing this review (and still using)
  • Used on oily & combination skin, both.
  • Purchased from Nykaa- Nykaa

Life, Packaging & Pricing-

  • The product comes in a transparent plastic-jar packaging without any outer cardboard cover, just this plastic-jar pack, having screw cover as lid.
  • The plastic of the pack is sturdy enough, but it can be pressed it a little by applying a little more pressure.
  • On opening the lid, the jar is covered with Aluminium Foil to save it from outside exploiters.
  • Its 100 gram pack comes at a price of INR 250.
  • Shelf Life- 2 years


My Experience-

On removing the aluminium foil cover, the content of the jar looks a little golden in color, which might be due to presence of saffron extract. The consistency of gel seems perfect, neither too runny nor too thick, and have a soothing mild fragrance. On applying this gel over skin, it spreads onto the skin easily, and thus, a little amount is enough for usage. After massaging/spreading the same, it takes a few seconds (5-10 seconds) for skin to absorb up the gel completely.

You can check out my DIYs to know more about uses of AloeVera for your skin & hair.

While facing skin burn, it helped me soothe my skin and reduced the redness of the skin. When applied to mosquito bite, it helped controlling my itching and the bite too. It can be mixed with certain face packs and hair masks like, with Kaolin Clay Powder, or Orange Peel Powder, etc for extra benefits. In my recent posts back, I mentioned how I used Aloe Vera Gel, with Kaolin Clay & Tea Tree Oil as weekly face pack for my skin.

What Product Has to Say!

  1. Contains Aqua, AloeVera Extract, Saffron Extract, Glycerin, Carbomer, Disodium EDTA, DMDM Hydantoin.
  2. Good for all skin types.
  3. It is free from paraben, and mineral oil
  4. It soothes and moisturizes, skin as well as hair.

What I have to say!

  • It is good for soothing the skin. ✔️
  • It is quite natural. ✔️
  • It helps in curing skin burns, mosquito bites, as a mild sunscreen, etc. ✔️
  • It is a main content of face masks as well as hair masks. ✔️
  • It helps make skin soft and smooth, and can be applied daily as a night moisturizer. ✔️
  • It has additional benefits due to saffron extract. ✔️
  • If you want to have a layer covering, it does that also. You have to just apply a layer of same and do not massage. Let it dry like this for around 5 minutes, after which a formed layer can be seen even by eyes as well. ✔️
  • It is not travel friendly packaging. ❌
  • Packaging in terms of direct jar, without any cardboard outer packaging made me feel as if it is not complete. ❌

Any comments, drop below!


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  1. Aloe vera is my go to hair conditioner. It really tames the frizz

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    1. Thats good to hear! This gel can be used in variety, and thats what the best thing about it is! 😊

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